Advanced Wrestling

Advanced Wrestling is an open-enrollment advanced wrestling program designed for serious, dedicated wrestlers of all ages and skill levels, that are committed to training (and competing) year round.  This is an intensive program aimed toward serious wrestler looking to bring their skills to the next level in grade school, high school, or college.  The program will feature the highest quality technical instruction, mental preparation, focused drilling, advanced strategies, and intense hard wrestling.  Enrollement is reserved for the first 25 students to ensure quality instruction toward each student, all other students wishing to enroll into the program will be put on a first-come first-serve waiting list.

While there are many off-season opportunities to be on the mat in the spring, those frequent open mats and wrestling clubs die down after Freestyle and Greco state. The wrestling classes at Fearless look to fill the gap by providing structured wrestling practice for area wrestlers who want a convenient and economical program.  Each class the group will break down a position or move and learn new technique, drill and wrestle live from that situation. There will also be open time to work on mastering each wrestler’s own arsenal and live wrestling. 

Class Contents

*Advanced Fundamentals

*Advanced Defense

*Advanced Takedowns

*Advanced Mat Top

*Advanced Mat Bottom

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